Concert Season is Coming!

Summer nights, cut off shorts, cold beer, good times with your best friends… Concert season is almost here! See below our list of the Top 7 #ConcertSeason things!


1. The rush of when tickets go on sale

It's one of the most terrifying emotions in the world as the seconds tick down to hit the time tickets go on sale. You refresh your browser every waking second, because what if you don't get the tickets? As soon as the clock strikes 10AM you are off to the races. And the victory of getting tickets 2 seconds before they sell out? There's no higher accomplishment.


2. The planning that goes behind one single concert

It's more than anyone can expect. You have to layout so many things like who you will be going with, what time you will be going to the venue, if you are traveling; what time are you leaving? What food will you be eating? Are you going to attempt and meet the band/artist somehow? How are you going to do that? Are you going to Snapchat the whole concert or keep your 200+ Snapchat followers from skipping over your story for an eternity? What are you going to do when you and your preferred band member make eye contact? No matter what you decide, there is a lot to decide and no little detail can be left behind.


3. Getting to go with your pals or meeting new buddies at the concert

This has constantly been one of my most favorite factors of concerts. If I'm not already going to a live performance with my great friend, I have met some of my closest friends from the live shows I've been to. Concerts are a place where you can leave behind every trouble out in the real world and simply let loose and be yourself. It's the place you discover human beings who have at least one common interest with you (that specific music, duh) and you create a bond that can be completely magical due to the experience. I owe a lot of my friendships to the live shows I've gone to, and they're usually friendships that are in contrast to any other.


4. Picking out the best concert outfit

Outfits mustn't count number that much, you are simply there to enjoy the music! But they constantly have and continually will. Concert outfits are a structure of expression, they give a peek at your personality. Whether you're bold and daring or adorable and flirty, they exhibit off who you are apart from the song and they're tremendous dialog starters with strangers. I can not inform you the quantity of times I have complimented people's outfits and began a entire conversation primarily based off of them. Plus, when you locate the concert outfit that makes you experience suitable and confident, it just makes you experience yourself that a good deal extra at a concert. I do not be aware of the science at the back of it, but it works each time.


5. Being surrounded with people who love the same music as you

I've form of already cited this one by announcing you find pals this way, however you're now not going to make pals with each single concert attendee. Trust me, I've tried. But there may be nevertheless some thing so extraordinary and so magical about being below the equal roof (or in the identical outdoor venue) as now not solely your favourite artist, but with hundreds or heaps of humans who love said artist too. You can turn to a stranger when the guitar man does that crazy riff and scream about it, or when the lead singer does a word exchange that you have by no means heard before, you can get excited and scream it out with anyone around you who you have never talked to before. To me, it is just incredible to be able to share understanding on an artist with entire strangers and apprehend completely.



6. The heart-beating-out-of-your-chest moment right before a band comes on

There are times when there is agonizing pain, and then there's waiting for the band/singer/group to come on stage. There is nothing worse, nothing more tension building than a dark stage ready for it to be crammed with performers... Especially when there is an introductory video. Because you comprehend someplace inside the pre-recorded bits about journeying and about the exhibit you are about to experience, that those sneaky band members/singers/performers are slowly slithering themselves onto the stage or putting themselves up to come out as you are distracted by means of screen. You crane your neck and attempt to sneak a height or two, however you have to wait because.. damn, they're simply hiding till they have to come out.


7. Having a Man Cave Events Tailgate!

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