best tailgate party games 2019

With the 2018 season behind us and spring event season to be here before we know it, now is the perfect time to review our top picks for tailgate party games. Our rankings are not based on any fancy sabermetrics or surveys, just what our team has observed in producing over 300 tailgate parties since 2012. Keep in mind, just because a game is flashy or “cool” doesn’t always make it a great tailgate party game. Our list is a blend of top tailgate party games that are fun, easy to transport, and has simple rules for the whole group to grasp and enjoy. Well, let’s get in to it starting with #10...


Best Tailgate Party Games for 2019....(drum roll please)....

#10 A Good Old Fashioned Catch (or 2-Hand Touch)

Often overlooked and maybe more of an activity than a game, this timeless classic will keep you and your fellow tailgaters occupied and leave you thirsty for more beer. Take it one step further and make it a game of two-hand-touch football, if space permits and won’t end up in a trip to the emergency room.

Biggest Pro: doesn't get much easier.

Biggest Con: besides your arm hurting, it’s not the most attention grabbing game.


#9 Giant Jenga

A remake of an old tabletop classic, this game will both pull people in and keep them amused in talentless battle of whose hands shake the least after a few drinks.

Biggest Pro: most people will know the rules with little explanation necessary

Biggest Con: setting them up after they fall is a real pain in the rear.

#8 Washer Toss

Basic tailgate party staple that can keep your ground entertained for hours. This game seems to be the most sneaky challenge for first’s not so easy! (note: some refer to this game  as just “Washers” and leave off “Toss”)

Biggest Pro: don’t need a lot of room

Biggest Con: these sets can get beat up if you don’t take care of them or don’t buy plastic sets which can be a little bouncy for tosses.

#7 Ladderball

This tailgate party game goes by many names but Ladderball is the most common iteration. In a nutshell it's too golf balls with a string attaching them which you throw to a 3 tier plastic ladder...boom, Ladderball! Very easy to play for players of all ages and skill levels.

Biggest Pro: simple to score and play

Biggest Con: nobody wants to draw the short straw for having to assemble the ladders or worse...untangle the balls.

#6 QB54

This interesting new game developed in our  home state of New Jersey brings similar gridiron action right to your tailgate. QB54 is the tailgate equivalent of the punt pass and kick challenge, well kinda. Throw it in the hole and kick it through the uprights on your way to domination. Plus it doubles as two folding chairs!

Biggest Pro: this sure beats having a catch or obnoxiously punting the ball in the air which only leads to dented car hoods. We have seen your punting skills!

Biggest Con: complicated scores and rules makes this a tough quick adoption game and even harder for retention after your 5th beer.

#5 Kan Jam

Seen at barbecues and beaches across our great land, Kan Jam is a fun, interactive game that can involve players of varying skill levels.

Biggest Pro: super simple setup with simple scoring system.

Biggest Con: you need space for this one and a day where the wind isn't ripping flags off the poles. Be careful playing this one in a parking lot with cars driving's all fun and games until someone gets hit by that late arriving group looking for the perfect parking spot.

#4 Beer Pong

No introduction is necessary for this timeless classic. Once again very easy setup and can be played on a regulation pong table or your standard 6’ tables (elbows!).

Biggest Pro: everybody knows beer pong and can reminisce about that time in college when they ran the table to win the tournament on spring break. Beer pong also helps beer disappear at unhealthy rates.

Biggest Con: the thing that makes it great also makes it, well, eh. Beer pong seems to be getting a little stale and folks are looking for the new flavor of the day.

#3 Flip Cup

If you walk up to a tailgate and hear people screaming words of encouragement, heckling others and they cheering, odds are they are playing flip cup. Flip cup helps build camaraderie and facilitates warm introductions for those looking to mingle. Be sure to brings lots of cups because sharing is NOT caring.

Biggest Pro: extremely easy to set up, facilitate and most people know how to play (those who have never played also offer free comedy watching their couple of turns). "Flipadelphia" is very popular at Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies tailgates.

Biggest Con: inevitably there will be arguments over how high the winning team is filling their cups. Every. Time.

#2 Bulz-i-Bucket

A new game to the tailgate party games circuit, Bulz-i-Ball is the love child of Cornhole, Kan-Jam, Washers and Hacky Sack (and skee-ball). Rules are very easy to pick up and is lightweight, comes with a carry case which helps keeping the items together.

Biggest Pro: players of all skill levels can be successful at Bulz-i-Ball and it’s NEW!

Biggest Con: Don’t really have one yet but give us a few more months to put it to the test.

#1 Cornhole

A true staple of any good tailgate is the presence of a corn hole set. Whether they are custom boards or plain, you can be certain the trash talking and competition will be heating up soon. All skill levels can play and is way less intrusive than its lawn game cousin, horseshoes.

Biggest Pro: everyone loves cornhole. Enough said.

Biggest Con: need space to transport them to your tailgate since 4 people, cooler and cornhole boards doesn't really translate well to a Toyota Camry. If your vehicle has the space, you're golden.

There you have it - 10 tailgate party games that are sure to please your group of tailgaters during any season for any event. At Man Cave Events we take pride in staying up to date with the latest tailgate party games and making them available to our clients. Contact Man Cave Events today to get started on your next tailgating experience.


2019 Best Tailgate Party Games Snubs

  • Giant Connect Four - we generally like games that involve more than 2 people to make sure as many people are engaged as possible and for that reason, Giant Connect Four is off our list. Sorry Connect Four, we still love you.

  • Spike Ball - this game is really meant to be played on a beach or in a plush lawn. Move this game to a parking lot with cars driving by never ends well.

  • Anything with a Club, Stick or Bat - drinking and then adding any of these to the mix is a recipe for a trip to the ER for you or that person walking behind you headed in to the game. Heads up!

At Man Cave Events, the safety of our clients and fellow tailgaters is always our chief responsibility which definitely influences our rankings. For more on how we can create a memorable tailgate party event with these tailgate party games and more, contact us today!