Cold Weather Tailgate Party Hacks

Going to a tailgate party when it is cold out can seem like more of a chore than a day of fun and enjoyment, especially for those responsible for hosting the cold weather tailgate party. Unfortunately for those in seasonal climates, the sports season has no temperature bounds and if you want to have a tailgate party in November - March, chances are your going to have to battle some cold temperatures.

Tips you can Use for Cold Weather Tailgate Party

In case your wishes for a nice mild temperatures on gameday are not met, here are some tips from the tailgate party rental pro's at Man Cave Events to help endure the dreaded cold weather tailgating event:

  1. Dress in Layers - this is the only element that each tailgate party attendee can personally dictate. Dressing in layers is a common practice for any outdoor endeavor during winter and could not be more important here again. Dressing in layers allows you the ability to take layers off as you become more comfortable and add them as needed. What is the worst that happens - your hoodie stays in the car? Plus keep in mind, if you follow any of the below, you will be much colder when going in to the game and those layers will become important again to have, even if they were removed at the tailgate party. 
  2. Block the Wind - simple as it may sound and challenging as it may be on windy days, just blocking the wind can help drive the temperature up what seems like 15-20 degree sometimes. Some tailgater party goers will use a tarp affixed to poles just to simply block the wind but most use sides on tailgate party pop-up tents to block the wind. These can be purchased online and some tents come with them included in the box. Please always be sure to use caution as some winds may be so strong it could damage tents once sides are attached, move the tents or worst cause them to launch which can hurt people or damage property. 
  1. Don't be a Party Pooper - this might seem like a no-brainer but if you are sitting down at a tailgate party, chances are you are going to get cold fast. Stay active, move around - play corn hole, kan-jam, have a catch with the football, maybe even dance a little (disclaimer goes here!). If you are up and moving around you will stay much warmer than than "that guy or gal" who is just sitting there doing nothing at the tailgate - who invited them anyways?!?!
  2. Use a Heat Source - most big box and local harware stores sell portable heaters that use electric, propane, butane or kerosine to produce heat where you need it most - at your cold weather tailgating event. Portable fire pits with logs can also be used as a heat source at your cold weather tailgate party however some venues strictly prohibit the use of open flames - please check with the venue beforehand. Be sure to use caution with any heat source as they can cause harm if not used correctly.
  3. Hire a Tailgating Company - using a tailgate party rental company like Man Cave Events, the most reputable full service tailgating rental provider in NJ, NY and PA, will allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy your tailgate party in comfort. Achieve tailgating bliss during your cold weather tailgate party with heaters, tent sides, full installation and removal and much more to make your tailgating trailer rental experience in NJ, NY or PA a dream.


Common Cold Weather Tailgate Party Situations

  • NFL Football Tailgate Party
  • College Football Tailgate Party
  • College Basketball Tailgate Party
  • NHL Hockey Tailgate Party
  • NBA Basketball Tailgate Party
  • Backyard Tailgate Party


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