Simplifying your tailgating experience is our goal and our booking process is designed to make sure that remains true, from start to finish. The steps below will walk you through the normal event booking process. Custom events may require additional coodination, however the large majority of our tailgate party events follow this simple reservation process:

1. Choose Your Package: carefully review our site to determine the best tailgating rental solution for your needs. Be sure to review and consider catering and transportation options if applicable to your tailgate party.

2. Check Availability: contact our team via our website form or email with all of your event details including event date, venue, estimated guest count and any other needs.

3. Sign Rental Agreement: once your tailgate party package has been decided and confirmed to be available, our team will generate your rental agreement and 50% non-refundable deposit which is applied to your rental balance. At this time we will establish a tailgate party setup location, to be confirmed on the day of the event via text message.

4. Submit 50% Deposit: the non-refundable deposit required to reserve all tailgating rentals, transportation and catering can be paid with any major credit card via our secure online processing center or by check/money order mailed to Man Cave Events LLC., 430 Ocean Blvd., Keyport, NJ 07735

5. Pay Remaining Balance: your remaining balance, including any additional items added after the initial contract and deposit, is due on or before the start of your event. This payment may come in the form of credit card, check or money order if done prior to event day; credit card or cash is acceptable on event day.

6. Show Up & Have Fun! our team will send you a text message with exact location upon arrival at the venue and successfully securing the spot for setup. Many venues are first come, first serve which means there could be slight variation.