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Engaging your employees with a unique company event experience doesn’t have to be a burden or expensive. Man Cave Events has been providing unique tailgate party style corporate event solutions to customers since 2012. Featuring all of the essentials like catering, chairs, tables, tents and other rentals PLUS unique items like tailgating trailers and games, you can be sure your team will remember your event for years.

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Basic Setup w/ Upgrade Options
Small Groups
  • Tent, Table, Chairs
  • Cooler, Grill, Baggo


Tailgating Trailer Package
Medium - Large Groups
  • TVs, Speakers, Generator
  • Private Restroom
#1 Seller


RV Package
Small - Medium Groups
  • RV w/ Climate Control
  • Private Restroom

* Guest count totals are our recommendation. More are welcome, however may require additional infrastructure.


Pricing is per guest with a 15 guest minimum charge. Guest count can be adjusted up to 7 days before your event.
Substitutions subject to additional charges. I
nclude onsite setup/removal, paper plates/napkins/towels and plastic utensils/cups/garbage bags. 


Review the most FAQ's for Concert Tailgating at Waterfront Music Pavilion in Camden.

Your tailgate can start up to 2.5 hours before the opening act. Parking lots always open 3 hours prior to the first act goes on. Our team enters the lots upon the gates opening and secures your tailgate party spots. There is no option to begin earlier due to lot opening time and setup time.

Man Cave Events will setup your Camden Concert tailgate in one of two locations:

A) Cooper Street Parking Lot at the corner of Cooper Ave and Jersey Joe Wolcott Ave if space is available.

B) Riverside Dr Lot at off Riverside Drive near intersection of Cooper Ave. This lot will suffice for non-trailer rentals.

For logistical reasons, we do not setup tailgates in other areas unless it is confirmed at the time of your contract signing.

We welcome groups of any size with no formal minimum or maximum guest restrictions. There are some space constraints at this venue so certain step might need to be taken to secure an appropriate location. If guest count exceeds the recommended package total, the may be additional charges for added infrastructure where and when applicable, however, the client can choose to decline the additions (i.e. additional tenting for larger group). Catering packages may be subject to a 15 guest minimum charge unless otherwise noted by MCE.

During Concert: No, all tailgating per venue rules must conclude at the beginning of the event.

Post Concert: No, due to venue rules, no post concert tailgating is permitted here.

Absolutely! Although we do offer several catering packages to provide a turnkey tailgating solution, you can certainly choose to do your own food. We provide a grill, grilling utensils and essential pack with paper plates/napkins and plastic utensils/cups either way. We do not provide Grill Chef services for customer provided food for liability and food safety reasons.

Man Cave Events is committed to providing clients and their guests with a truly unique and fun event experience that all employees can enjoy. Our Employee appreciation day tailgate solutions can be setup at any business location with space available outside. Contact our team today to begin designing your employee appreciate day tailgate party!


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