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Deciding what to do for your tailgate party rentals can be a bit overwhelming if you are new to tailgating or if you are working with a large group, thus lots of opinions and varying budgets. If a tailgating trailer is not the right fit for your group, Man Cave Events offers several other tailgating equipment rentals that might be a better solution for your tailgate party rentals. We have several tailgating equipment packages to choose from along with custom individual tailgate party equipment rental options, however the best value is with our tailgating packages. Let's get started on exploring the best tailgating equipment rentals at your upcoming event:

All Pro Package 

Our All Pro Package is the perfect blend of amenities, value and convenience. For some venues where tailgating trailers are prohibited the All Pro Package is the most frequent tailgating equipment rentals. Backed by the same attention to detail and quality equipment as our tailgating trailers, the All Pro Package is also a suitable second option when tailgating trailers are sold out. We can customize the All Pro tailgating rental package around your group size and even combine your rental with a catering package to make your tailgating experience 100% stress-free. The All Pro package comes with the following items:

  • (1) 32” LED HD TV
  • Sound System
  • Generator w/ Fuel  
  • Baggo
  • (2) 6’ Tables
  • (10) Chairs
  • Roadtrip Propane Grill (includes gas)
  • Large Cooler w/ Ice
  • Grilling Utensils
  • Tailgating Essentials Pack
  • Garbage Can with Bags
  • Full Setup & Clean up
  • Parking Pass for MCE Staff (where applicable)

Varsity Package

Our Varsity Package is ideal for small groups or budget conscious clients looking to simplify their tailgating experience. This tailgating equipment rentals package has enough to get the job done, allowing you to skip buying/transporting the essentials to the venue, setting up your spot or cleaning everything up before you head in to the event. Our Varsity Tailgating Rental package comes with the following amenities:

  • (1) 10’x10’ Tent
  • Baggo Game
  • (1) 6’ Tables
  • (5) Chairs
  • Medium Cooler w/ Ice 
  • Roadtrip Propane Grill (includes gas) 
  • Grilling Utensils
  • Full Setup & Clean up
  • Parking Pass (where applicable) 

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What to Expect with Tailgating Equipment Rentals

Our tailgate party company has a team of experts that successfully plan and produce over 50 tailgate party equipment rentals each year. Our knowledge of the venues and best tailgating equipment rentals to use for your tailgate is second to none. 

  1. Tailgating equipment rentals and service options for any need
  2. Expert tailgate setup service from professional team members
  3. Clean tailgate equipment rental equipment
  4. Simple booking process with convenient payment options
  5. Go to resource for all tailgating equipment rental questions or venue questions

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